Happy Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother’s Day.

Typically Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in the majority of countries that celebrate Mother’s Day.  Their families and loved ones give lots of presents and special attention to their mothers.

This is the way it is now, but years ago, it was different.

The holiday actually as roots all the way back to the days of the early Egyptians. The Goddess Isis is the Mother of The Pharaohs. In ancient Rome, the festival of Isis was a celebration of three days, and many musicians, female dancers, and singers took part. Ancient Greece and Rome held similar festivals, and both festivals were held around the same time. The Roman festival took place  between March 15 and March 22.

During Early America, the tradition of an earlier version of having a Happy Mother’s Day called “Mothering Day” was discontinued. People back then didn’t have as much time for celebration since they all worked so hard since life was so harsh in those early days. In those days, it was difficult to celebrate and have a Happy Mother’s Day with so many stresses of daily life.

The first official North American verion of Mother’s Day was created when Julia Ward Howe through a Mother’s Day Proclamation in  1870. The death and carnage of the Civil War caused Ms. Howe to become so distraught that she called on Mothers to stage a protest about all of the Sons of other Mothers being killed during the war. It was her idea to create worldwide Mother’s Day to celebrate motherhood and peace.

Anna Jarvis, a leader of a woman’s group in West Virginia, later petitioned her church to create an official Mother’s Day celebration. Ms. Jarvis had originally protested the commercialization of Mother’s Day, and by the time of her death, more than 40 countries observed their own Mother’s Day, and that number has exploded to over 70 countries.

Today’s modern version of Mother’s Day was approved by congress in 1914. It was designated as the second Sunday of May. Typical families honor mothers by taking them out to dinner, playing games, enjoying the entire weekend together, and just spending more time with their mothers. Of course Mother’s Day cards and giving chocolate candy is very common place when it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day.

Even though the holiday has evolved quite a bit since the first verion of Mother’s Day, the concept of the holiday remains the same, and that is to honor and pay special tribute to Mom. Parent Trend wishes all moms a Happy Mother’s Day.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jerry-T-Kop/693270788 Jerry T Kop

    This parent trend article about Mother’s Day is very interesting, I didn’t have any idea that the roots of Mother’s Day went all the way back to the days of early Egyptians.

    Well, Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers!