Single Parenting Divorce

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Being a parent is a tough job, but many times it can become much tougher after a Single Parenting Divorce.

Once a Single Parenting Divorce happens, there are so many new topics and concerns that need to be addressed during a Single Parenting Divorce.

If you’re a mom, you need to think about how you are going to make it financially, now that you’re a single parent. Also, there’s the issue of wanting to get a social life, since it might be distressing to be alone, especially if you’ve always dreamed of raising your kids in a 2-parent household. Many women want to start making new friends, and perhaps find a new mate. These things all have to be juggled with the most important task of all, which is raising well-rounded, happy children. In the meantime, if you’re a dad, you may want to get out there and find someone special as well. It may be tough to juggle trying to manage social life, hanging out with friends as well as dating.

These new activities might be difficult for kids to witness, since they are used to seeing both of their parents together, and may find it strange to see either their mom or dad (or both) with new significant others. Often times, kids will eventually get accustomed to the idea of their parents being with someone new, especially as they grow older, but realize that there may be some confusion and conflict at first. It’s important to sit down with your kids (with both parents being present, if possible), and explain to them that things are going to be different and that they should expect some change, but that both parents still care, and love their children. Tell them that even though both parents are going to be living separately, that you are all still a family, and where a parent physically lives has no bearing on how close everyone is emotionally to one another.

The kids need to realize that it’s important to be brave and helpful. It’s a good idea to have everyone pitch in with the new added responsibilities and tasks that they may have. One way to do this is to write everyone’s duties on a white board, posted somewhere prominent, such as in the kitchen. Add not only the tasks of the kids, but of the parents as well, so that the kids will realize that this is a “team effort”.

With everyone’s help, and gentle guidance during this trying time, a Single Parenting Divorce may bring the family closer together. Especially since now, both parents may start living more harmoniously as separate individuals instead of in a household full of arguing, yelling, and screaming, which is an unhealthy environment for kids to be raised in.

Follow these ideas, read books, get good qualified advice, and a Single Parenting Divorce can be less stressful and may become beneficial for all involved.