Points to Reduce the Stress of Parenthood

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Being a parent is the toughest and the most important job, that we will ever do in life.

One has to understand that no one teaches us how to be a parent, despite the degree of difficulty and work.

Parents should be healthy and psychologically fit for this task. Parents should feel comfortable,and feel free to give unconditional love,and feel comfortable with who they are. Unconditional love, involves praising the children,and building their self-confidence throughout life. When an infant or child focuses on a person’s face,and then smiles at the person, praise is appropriate, because the child is beginning to learn to interact with others. Parents should also praise infants for eating healthy food before they get hooked on sweets, because this will help them create a healthy appetite for the right kind of food.

When we play with our children, this is another way of teaching them unconditional love. Parents have to remember, that when you play with your children, your job as a parent will be less stressful. When parents play with their children,they are also bonding with them, which the children and the parents need.

Another way to eliminate and reduce stress is teaching the child positive discipline techniques. One way is to teach your child structure. When the child knows that he or she is going to follow certain rules, they will now know what to expect.

When two parents are not getting along, it can be very difficult and stressful. The teenagers understand quickly what is going on, and they can use this as their advantage. Also, this can be very hurtful for the teens when they witness that their parents are fighting. Parenting can be very challenging, especially when they have different opinions about what the roles should be in the household. It could even be more challenging, if the parents had went through a separation, or divorce or other stressful factors in the relationship. When the emotions are high and the parents feel hurt, frustrated and sad, any of these emotions can actually put a lot more stress on the situation.

Make sure that the teenagers do not witness any negative incidents, such as yelling and fighting, or being abusive in the household. If the teenagers witness this, the damage can be felt for many years, and the teens ability to form trusting and healthy relationships, will also be jeopardized as a adult. There a lot of times when parents feel that the other parent, is undermining what they are trying to accomplish in the household. Try to keep the household as positive as possible. This will lessen the stress in the household and for the teenager. It is very important as a parent to be civil towards each other so that the teenagers will feel that this is the right way to be in a relationship. A parent should try to teach teenagers to have a happy, stress free life.