Kids Getting Into Trouble?

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My spouse and I have three kids.

We feel that not communicating with your kids enough and having
regular meetings and discussions, and open communication, can be the cause of kids getting into trouble.

We as parents feel that letting and encouraging everyone to speak about things they want to do in life, their goals, their wants, etc. helps us to get closer. During these meetings we found that our kids wanted in some cases, to purchase a computer, or an Xbox, or something of that nature. We decided we wanted our kids to have a computer, an Xbox,  etc., but didn’t want to just give them free money. We then thought of an idea. If they did more chores around the house, they could earn the money. Not an just an allowance, but actual jobs that we wanted to get done, and we paid them for doing good work. This teaches them responsibility, and the value of a dollar.

We all sat down as a family again, and started to talk about this idea. The kids thought it was a great idea, but wanted to know how much they would get paid. We all agreed on some jobs, and some amount of pay. We initially started having the kids, do such things as cleaning up the yard and pulling weeds. Now the kids are saying they want to make a lot more money, and do serious things like painting the inside of the house. So we all went to Home Depot and had a free painting class on how to paint properly, without creating a mess, etc. Now the kids are painting the whole inside of the house and doing a great job!

They told some of our neighbors about their painting service, and are picking up jobs around the neighborhood after school, and on the weekends. This is a great opportunity to teach the kids about being entrepreneurs and earning their own way in life. It’s an invaluable lesson at such an early age. They’re making great money and buying the things that they want.

We found that keeping our kids busy, doing something that they want to do, and making money, keeps them off the streets, and out of trouble.