Are We Raising Helpless Kids?

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As good guiding parents we help our kids to succeed to make the best grades in school, be the best in sports, and be the best in everything the child does.

By doing this we are constantly as good parents putting too much pressure on our kids especially within their first 10 years of age. As good guiding parents we should not stress the child on being the number one best in school, and as good parents we should not stress out our children if they’re not number one in their sports.

Parents trend to put too much emphasis on their children being number one in everything that the child does.
When the child is young, up to the age of 10, parents should impact on their children that they are loved very much, and very special, the child is valued, child is safe, with emphasis on that the child is very much loved no matter what!
Children the age of 13 years and above (teenagers) a parent should still stress all the good true things, such as the child is very much loved, very special, etc. though, explaining to this age group of children that life is difficult, and it’s not all about you, the child.
With children age 13 years and above, parents should not keep saying you’re awesome,  you’re great. At some time this child has to understand he or she is going to have to stand on their own two feet, and start having more responsibility, and start taking more control of their life. Children have to understand that it’s okay that they may not be the number one best in sports or school, though you will still always love them. The parents should guide them to be independent, and the child should not stress out because they are not number one in all they do. The child should know they will always be loved no matter what.

Are we raising helpless kids? Many experts say yes. Parents are helping their children too much.

The child should try to figure out how to get things done on their own, in this way, the parents can prepare the kids so they don’t need mom or dad quite as much as when they were younger.