With Spring Come Stink Bugs

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Scientists are warning parents that as we get nearer to warm weather, stink bugs will start reproducing.

Often they spend the winters in attics. Parents have found thousands of them hiding under insulation.  As the weather warms stink bugs crawl out, and lay
eggs on fruit trees and other crops.

Stink bugs invaded from southeast Asia, and arrived here from shipping crates. They now have been found in the Northwest, Northeast, Mid Atlantic, and are now traveling through the South and Midwest.

Since they have no natural predators, their population has increased every year. Scientists are predicting this year will be the worst so far.

Though these bugs don’t bite or carry human diseases, if you smash them they can smell like a skunk.

Don’t to be tempted to smash them. Instead vacuum them. Parents should dispose of bag when finished. Parents should take caution when exterminating them with commercial insecticides. Apply chemicals outside to avoid attracting beetles, that feed on carcasses and carpeting.

Caulk all small cracks and openings. Repair screens that are damaged. Children should not be allowed to be near insecticides, instead, parents should be sure to put these chemicals out of reach of children.


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