Precautions To Take Throughout Your Pregnancy

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When a woman gets pregnant, she opens a new chapter in her life during her pregnancy and there is no turning back.

The expectations during pregnancy are high from both partners and so are the worries., There are many things that can go wrong if you are not careful enough during the pregnancy. During the period a woman is pregnant, her body is serving two human beings and for that reason she has to eat healthy and stay healthy throughout.

Here are some great tips to follow while being pregnant:
Alcohol consumption during pregnancy can cause permanent damages to the baby. The child may develop fetal alcohol syndrome which affects the growth of the child and even cause abnormal facial features. Some medication too contain a very high level of alcohol so you should only take recommended medicine by your doctor.

Smoking is highly prohibited for any pregnant woman. If you don’t stop or cut down on smoking , you risk giving birth to an under-weight child. The child can also have health problems like trouble breathing and feeding. You as a mother too will be putting your life in danger and risk suffering from smoke related sickness.

Eating healthy during pregnancy is very important. Avoid eating a lot of processed food like frenchfries, sausages, potato chips, and candy. They contain saturated fat which is not healthy for you or the baby. Avoid eating too much seafood throughout the pregnancy because it may contain a high level of mercury which can damage the nervous system of your child.

Also, during pregnancy, avoid raw seafood, uncooked meat and poultry to avoid bacterial or virus infections to you and the baby. Eat the above meals only when they are fully cooked thoroughly.

If you are not experiencing any heath problems during your pregnancy, it is advisable that you do some light exercise to keep fit. Walking during pregnancy is recommended but don’t stress your body because the baby’s body may get stressed too.