Cords and Cribs

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Parents Be Aware!

Baby_Monitor_CordParents should be aware that cords belonging to monitoring devices have caused deaths of babies due to strangulation.

Parents, without thinking, can make the mistake of leaving an appliance, such as a baby monitor, near an unattended baby. Even though this appliance is unplugged, the parent may come back to the room to a tragic circumstance.

Parents should not place electrical cords near a crib, or changing table. It is best when finishing using an item with an electrical cord to always be in the habit of putting the item away, before leaving your baby unattended.

Parents who have purchased the recalled products (40 different models)
will receive a warning sticker for the electrical cord and new instruction
manual. Always keep the cord at least 3 feet away from a crib.

The CSPC reports three terrifying cases:
A 10- month old girl in Washington, D.C., strangled in the electrical cord
of a Summer video monitor placed on top of the crib rail.

A 6-month old from Conway, S.C., strangled in the electrical cord of a
Summer video monitor on a changing table attached to a crib.

A 20-month old boy from Pittsburgh was found in his crib with the
electrical cord of a Summer video monitor wrapped around his neck.
The monitor was mounted on the wall, but the boy could reach the
cord. He recovered without serious injury.

The monitors were sold between January 2003 and February 2011. They
carry the brand name “Summer”.

Parents may contact Summer Infant Inc. at 800-426-8627 Eastern Time.


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