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Precautions While Pregnant

It happens all of us moms when were expecting, you’re pregnant for the first time, or pregnant with her fifth child, the space in between having a child is something you have to get used to all over again. Your belly sticks out much further than you’re used to you and your accidentally bumping it against the kitchen counter or someone accidentally hits it with their elbow.

You shouldn’t really worry about every time someone hits your stomach or that you accidentally bump your belly. Mother nature actually makes sure that your baby is safe in the womb and it would take much more than just a slight bump to hurt the child.

Even though there’s nothing really to worry about you should always let your obstetrician know if you’ve actually bumped your belly in some way more than you think is just slight tap. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and have your baby monitored with a fetal heart rate monitor.

Of course you don’t want to experience any problems and always be on the lookout if there is any vaginal discharge cramping bleeding or contractions within 12 hours of the accident.

While you’re pregnant always be careful to watch out from accidentally slipping. Stay away from wet leaves, freshly mopped floors, and of course snow and ice is something we should always avoid. Also, when getting out of the tub or the shower always use a hand rails.

Always remember an ounce of precaution is worth a pound of cure. Remembering these precautions while being pregnant will help you to have a successful pregnancy, and a healthy and happy baby.

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    Thanks a lot for this very useful and helpful post… Pregnant women have a very sensitive condition that really must be handled with care!