Get The Most From Parent-Teacher Conferences

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Meeting with teachers usually happen twice a year.

That long awaited time that parents meet with their child’s teachers is a time some parents wish to avoid.

You can love them or hate them, but these conferences with teachers give the parents a chance to be on a one to one basis, to learn about their child’s progress.

Conferences provide a opportunity for parents to get an idea of how their children are doing in class. By meeting with the parents, this also gives teachers an opportunity to understand the student’s home life.

Parents often listen to the teacher’s assessment, and will ask questions. By working together as a team, teachers and parents can bring students to their full capacity.


After a conference with your child’s teachers, parents should discuss with their children in a calm manner how they may better improve their schoolwork. Find out what their concerns are, and how they are feeling they are doing.

When speaking with your child’s teacher, bring a list of questions. You may only have five minutes for discussion. Keep it brief, other parents are waiting to speak to the teacher also.

Try not to miss these conferences. They give parents the opportunity to affirm that their children are doing well, and they haven’t missed anything.

Do you attend your child’s parent-teacher conferences? If so, do you find them meeting with teachers beneficial?