Use Vinegar To Treat Common Ailments

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With the cold season coming, parents should make sure to have vinegar on hand to treat many common ailments.

The fifth-century BC Greek physician Hippocrates is said to have recommended a vinegar/honey mixture to his patients to clear up phlegm and ease breathing. Vinegar was used in hand washing in the 10th century to prevent the spread of infection. During World War 1, vinegar was used as a disinfectant. Contrary to popular belief it does not promote weight loss. Also, it does not cure cancer, high blood pressure, or heart disease.

Here’s the truth about vinegar:

  • Vinegar can be used to treat itchy fungal infections of the skin. Use 25% vinegar/75% water mixture. If your skin can tolerate it gradually use undiluted vinegar.
  • Vinegar can help relieve sore throat pain. Mix one or two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in four ounces of warm water. Gargle four times a day.
  • Vinegar offers soothing topical relief of sunburn pain. Apply apple cider vinegar directly to your burn.
  • Vinegar is a good natural substitute for household cleaners. Use vinegar on windows, floors, and other household surfaces

Vinegar serves so many purposes, and is inexpensive. Vinegar is an excellent product to have on hand for the busy parent.