Restaurants Banning Kids – What Do You Think?

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Do you think parents who take their kids out to eat at fancy restaurants are being selfish?

One restaurant in Philadelphia is banning kids under 6 years of age.

It’s not wrong to take small children out to eat with you, but there have been many instances where kids misbehave and the parents don’t take charge of the situation, or reprimand them.

Often when kids start shrieking, the whole dining room stops. Other diners become stressed and do not enjoy their meal.

Some possible solutions to this problem are:

If your child is old enough to understand, explain to them there is no mac and cheese, or chicken strips. Some parents feed their kids ahead of time. If your dinner reservation is close to bedtime, get a baby sitter. When eating a dinner together at home, teach your child the correct way to act at a table. If your child becomes difficult to handle, immediately take your child out of the restaurant. Many parents will not take their children into a restaurant after 6:00 P.M.  Remember if your children cause too much of a disturbance, the restaurant will ask you to leave.

Not all children are misbehaved when taken into restaurants with their parents. Many times it begins at home. If you want to teach your child proper manners, and how to behave at a dinner table, this should be done at home. Parents need to take control. Someone will win, and it should be the parents.

Many restaurants address the problem of disruptive behavior immediately. You should know how your child behaves, and take it from there. If they are not ready to behave properly, get a sitter. Why set yourself up for an embarrassing situation.

Some thoughts to remember are:

  • A booth is a better seating arrangement with young kids
  • Your kid is not as cute to others
  • Eat as early as possible, so as not to upset bedtime schedules
  • If at all possible, get a babysitter

Remember kids can be unpredictable. Sometimes kids will be angels and other times can turn out to be just the opposite.

  • Dawnm924

    I think children SHOULD be allowed in restaurants. Now, if it is more formal, then no, take them to a more kid friendly place. There are so many restaurants with “Kids eat free” which should make it an easy choice of a kid friendly place to take your child to eat. If they act up, take care of the situation and or be ready to leave.

  • Anka High Chair

    I don’t understand why they have to ban kids.. we are in a free country and I don’t see any reason why kids cannot go to restaurants.