Part Time Jobs For Kids

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As your children start out in life, small allowances for doing some chores around the house is a great way to provide part time jobs for kids in between homework, playing, and other normal activities.

Paying your children for doing chores around the house is a very good way to have your child earn money. It’s a great starter job. It teaches them some good money habits, responsibilities, and to how to save for things they may want. As your children grow older though, the things they generally want are more expensive. That’s the time when they start looking for a real job, and you should look into part time jobs for kids.

Here are a few suggestions for part time jobs for kids. Using your creativity, you probably can think of many more that will not only earn them extra money, but also teach them some valuable skills that may help them later in life.

  • LEMONADE STANDS: This is great for part time jobs for kids, especially for younger children, this is one of the first small business/job parents can help their children earn some money and responsibility. Of course, it’s important to supervise the location of their stand. Having it somewhat close to your home is a good idea. Also, be sure to observe them as they interact with adults. In today’s day and age, it’s also good to be wary of strangers, since you don’t want your child’s experience in earning a little extra income to turn into tragedy by encountering someone dangerous.
  • CUTTING LAWNS, LAWN MOWING: If your child is responsible and careful, cutting lawns can usually earn him or her some good spending money and is another great idea for part time jobs for kids. Many times neighbors know your children and they sure would like to help the kids with a part-time job. Many neighbors are going on vacation and need to have their lawn cut. Your child will not necessarily have to be driven to work, because it’s right in the neighborhood that he or she is cutting lawns. Your child can have a flexible schedule by being able to do the cutting on the days or time of the days he chooses.
  • BABYSITTING: This is another good job for children of a reasonable age. Babysitting can be done for many of the neighbors in the area. It can be possibly just a walking distance from home to get to the babysitting job. It pays pretty good money too!
  • PET SITTERS: This is often a very good job for responsible younger children. Many times neighbors are going on vacation and would love to have a neighbor pet sitter their pets. also Extra money can also be earned by bringing in the newspaper and the mail.

Having your children earn their own money is a great way for them to become responsible, and learn how to spend and save money wisely by learning the value of a dollar that they earned on their own, through their own hard work and ingenuity. Part time jobs for kids can be not only beneficial for kids, but also for adults, since no amount of lecturing can replace real-world, on the job learning.