Pregnancy Eating

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During pregnancy eating extra is very common with all of those added cravings.

It should be perfectly fine to binge, since you’re eating for two. Most women who are pregnant feel more lethargic, and experience cravings for food they have never felt before. Especially once our feet get swollen, we just want to sit down, relax, and have bite to eat. Also we feel it’s actually important to eat more, since we’re eating for two.

Well, according to researchers, it may not only be important to binge less, but maybe only eat for one, and the study goes on further to say that it might even be alright for a women to diet during her pregnancy. Diet during pregnancy? No pregnancy eating? Obviously none of these researchers have ever been pregnant!

The study, performed by the researchers has been published in the British Medical Journal, involved 44 past studies which involved as many as 7,000 women, and came to the conclusion that it is actually safe to diet during pregnancy for both the mom and baby. The study also showed that the best way to not gain as much weight during pregnancy wasn’t to exercise more, but to cut back on calories.

The reserachers say that eating properly while pregant will help prevent excessive weight gain as well as cut back on possible health issues, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. With the fact that on average 20-40% of women gain much more than the recommended amount of weight during pregnant, it seems like the obvious solution to put these women on a diet during pregnancy, and everything will be alright.

Obviously, telling a woman that pregnancy eating is wrong, and that she should go on a diet sounds ridiculous. Along with all of the changes that are going on in her body, to now have to start counting carlories is asking too much. These nine months of pregnancy should be an a time to binge a little, especially with all that a pregant woman has to endure.

Perhaps, give proper guidelines for weight as well as recommendations for amounts of exercise and calories, and then let the natural process of what our bodies do take over. Every woman’s body is different, and to make a woman feel guilty for pregnancy eating, and putting on too much weight during this special time in her life is adding too much pressure and stress to the equation.

Pregnant woman have been over-eating for years and years, and both mom and new born baby typically turn out just fine. To start making women feel that they are being judged for pregnancy eating is wrong, it’s a time to feel good about our overall selves – not the time to start becoming vain and self conscious.